Dr. Loraine Day Conquered Advanced Breast Cancer

DVD: You can not improve on God Dr. Day is an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon and best selling author who was for 15 years on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine as Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedics. She was also Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital and is recognized world-wide as an AIDS expert.

Her DVD:  You Can’t Improve on God is a comprehensive plan organized like treatment protocol for practice.

Dr. Lorraine Day reversed her severe, advanced cancer by rebuilding her immune system by natural therapies, so her body could heal itself.

Marble-sized tumor
Marble sized tumor

Marble-sized tumor grew to a grapefruit sized tumor in less than three weeks.

Turmor Dr. Day suffered
The turmor Dr. Day suffered

Dr. Loraine Day offers a lot of education materials on her personal website http://drday.com .

“Cancer does not scare me anymore” is a very good DVD.

Cancer does not scare me anymore
Cancer does not scare me anymore

In her another DVD:  You Can’t Improve on God , she lists “Ten Commandments” to follow for her treatment. If you want to go on her diet/treatment, it is essential to buy her DVD, watch it many times. Best, just watch whenever you have time, and go through gradual brain wash, until your mind set has totally changed accordingly.

One thing many people want out of an alternative cancer treatment is a pill they can take and cure their cancer. While there may be a pill that can kill the cancer cells, the cancer cells are really a symptom of a poor diet or some other problems. To “cure” your cancer you must change your diet and the way you live.The “Ten Commandments,” which she also calls the “Garden of Eden” diet.

1) Nutrition

This is the main section of her tape. In it she goes into great detail about what a cancer patient should and should not eat. She also goes into specific drinks (e.g. carrot juice) that should be partaken of.She pays a lot of attention explaining why a person should not eat meat or poultry or fish. She also provides detailed instructions, such as not to eat fruits and vegetables in the same meal, and why. For copyright reasons, I cannot go into a lot of detail on this item, but rest assured she does go into detail. The two drinks I do want to mention, so people don’t think her treatment is nothing but a diet, is 8 glasses of carrot juice a day, with barleygreen powder mixed in with it.She also has many warning, such as to not microwave your foods, don’t have dental amalgam put in your mouth, don’t consume too much protein, etc.

2) Exercise

She gives a lot of good reasons to exercise, such as reducing stress, reducing blood pressure, etc. In later items she also gives very good reasons to exercise outdoors.

3) Water

In this section she discusses all the physical and emotional problems that can result from not drinking enough water. To compound these problems, the symptoms of dehydration (i.e. not drinking enough water) frequently lead a person to misdiagnose their problem.  In another DVD, she actually mentioned that her tumor did not shrink until she started to drink over 10 glasses water on top of 13 carrot juices, each and every day!

4) Sunlight

She does a good job explaining why sunlight prevents cancer rather than causes cancer. The importance of sunlight is far more significant than most people realize. An item below is fresh air, thus she mentions that three items can be accomplished at the same time if you exercise outdoors (exercise, sunlight and fresh air).

5) Temperance

In this section she gives a long list of things to avoid. These include coffee, sugar (she has a lot to say about sugar), alcohol, caffeine in general, etc. She notes that 70 cups of coffee is a fatal dose of coffee.

6) Air
While this item is more than just being outdoors, the general direction is to get people outdoors or at least to open windows when you can. Her main discussion is about positive and negative ions.
7) Rest

She makes some good points that a person should go to bed with the sun. While this might be impossible in some cases, her point is to not stay up too late because the body follows the sun’s cycles.

8) Trust in God

This discussion is in trusting God’s wisdom (i.e. his foods) rather than man’s wisdom. She also discusses prayer and its importance.

9) An Attitude of Gratitude

In this section she talks about the problems of being exposed to negative situations, such as watching the always depressing T.V. news. She talks about giving up anger, thinking good thoughts, and so on.

10) Benevolence

She talks about helping others and praying for others.Dr Day is a hero of life who really had a good fight with cancer. She lives brilliantly well after defeating her advanced breast cancer naturally.

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