Silicon Valley Software Engineer Overcome Advanced Colorectal Cancer

To Dr. Venook,  Drs. Betsy Althaus (Pharm.D.), Dr. Warren and other UCSF medical professionals, for their world class medical treatment, humanity, kindness.

This is a true story of a software engineer who prefers to be
anonymous. Let’s call him Paul.

When Paul was first diagnosed with advanced colon cancer in Jan. 1998,
he was only 32. He first had a surgery at Kaiser Hospital in Santa
Clara to remove the colon section with the huge tumor that almost
caused total blockage. Several neighboring lymph nodes were also taken
out. The surgeon also got some biopsies from the liver lesions.

The cancer already spread to liver and lymph nodes. Never heard about
colon cancer before, now he had to face this devastating disease
himself, because medical treatment really provided little hope of
cure. He really had no choice but to look for any possible treatments
out there. So he followed the oncologist to do chemotherapy. With 6
months on the 5-Fu+LV, CT scans showed essentially no improvement on
liver lesions. The oncologist had no better option, so he kept Paul on
the treatment. After another cycle of 3 month chemotherapy, Paul felt
that there was no hope of any sort if keeping on this treatment.

He began looking for more ‘innovative’ treatment. At that time, there
was a gene therapy clinical trial at UCSF cancer center. With a kind
reference by Dr. Tsai at El Camino Medical Group, Paul went to see Dr.
Warren and Dr. Venook at UCSF. Dr. Warren performed a surgery to
implant pump for drug delivery to Paul’s liver. For some reasons, Paul
was not given the gene therapy, but instead a traditional liver cancer
treatment. Big doses of medicine was injected into the pump for
continuous delivery. After 3 month treatment, the CT scan did show a
very little improvement, but did not offered any hope of remission or
partial remission if staying on this drug. At the same time, the side
effects were quite severe. Paul felt very weak. He was also very very
tired of all these chemotherapy treatments. He decided to give himself
a chance to try it out.

Ever since Paul was diagnosed with the disease, he knew there was no
cure from standard medical treatment. Paul started to seek. As
“…seek, and ye shall find;…”. He eagerly searched for alternative
therapies. He heard about some survivors from non-curable cancers.
These stories inspired him. He firmly believed in his survival.

Paul read Dr. Ann Wigmore’s book “Be Your Own Doctor, A Positive Guide
to Natural Living”, and the living foods lifestyle. He also carefully
studied Eydie Mae’s book “How I Conquered Cancer Naturally”.

Paul read Chinese herbal medicine books and healing philosophy. He
studied Qi-Gong books and other mind-body healing techniques. He
visited several Chinese herbal doctors and had some Qi-Gong treatment

Paul read Bible day and night, tried to gain strength and comfort from
The Book. He attended church group healing prayer meetings every week.
He went to miracle crusades of various spirit healers (including Benny

Paul read various books on macrobiotics and carefully studied many of
its successful healing cases. Elaine Nussbaum’s book “Recovery from
Cancer: The Remarkable Story of One Woman’s Struggle With Cancer and
What She Did to Beat the Odds”, described some details on the natural
healing process of Elaine’s terminal stage cancer. The book “Recalled
by Life” by Anthony J. Sattilaro, about a Philadelphia physician
recounts how he recovered from what was diagnosed as terminal cancer
by following a strict vegetarian diet — the macrobiotics approach.
Paul went to a macrobiotics teacher to learn how to cook whole grains
and vegetables, and other macrobiotics food preparation techniques.

Every day, Paul tried to walk in the park or the neighborhood when he
had some strength. When he needed to rest, he tried to practice deep
breathing technique and meditation. There was no time for watching TV
or read newspaper etc. He spent every second to detoxify his body,
mind and spirit, and to rebuild his body (immune system), mind, and

Once Paul stopped his treatment at UCSF, he completely changed his
diet over night to follow macrobiotics. After 3 months, he went back
to see Dr Venook and had a CT scan. Things seemed to be stable but he
was much weaker because he didn’t get enough vital forces from the
diet. Sometime he felt fainted. He realized that he had to add new
elements to his natural healing protocol. When he was trying very hard
to figure out what to do next, he stumbled upon a flier on promoting
“Green Life Juicer”, together with Rev. Malkmus’s message on juicing,
“Barley Green” and “Herbal Fiberblend”. He also got several Dr. Day’s
video tapes including “You Can’t Improve On God” and “Believing is
Seeing” which he watched over and over again. He instantly ordered a
“Green Life Juicer”, some “Barley Green” and “Herbal Fiberblend”. At
that time, it was hot summer in California. In addition to carrot
juice, Paul tried to juice wheat grass, dandelion green, romaine
lettuce, endive. He also tried some fruits and other root plants. Most
of time, he would make carrot, dandelion green and romaine lettuce
juices. Later, Paul upgraded his Green Life Juicer to K.K. Juicer.
Paul started to feel stronger, and even got back some weight. After
about 2 months on these enriched protocol, Paul went back to Dr.
Venook and had CT scan, the liver lesions were about the same as
before, even though he felt better.

After nearly two years of completely focusing on the tough battle with
his cancer, Paul, his wife and 2 year old daughter started to have
trips to Hawii and Canada, he felt like being well now. One of his
friends heard about a supplement called Vita Carte, suggested him to
try that. Since it seemed to have no side effects, so Paul gave it a
try. In Feb. 2000, Paul came back to Dr. Venook and took a CT scan.
The liver lesions were significantly shrinked. Some just disappeared.
So Paul stayed on his protocol until year 2002. After that, he added
small amount of egg, fish and meat to his diet (very small ratio).

Today, Paul is still having his reduced daily juice schedule. With
mostly cooked whole grains (old fashioned oatmeal, brown rice) and
vegetables based diet, he feels stronger than several years ago. He is
planning to go back to pure vegetarian diet again.

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