VitaCarte, the original Bovine Tracheal Cartilage (BTC)

Phoenix Biologics, Inc.

Phoenix Biologics, Inc.

The History of BTC and Supporting Data
It was developed by a Harvard trained physician by the name of John F. Prudden who has been using it to treat human cancer since the early 1970′s. Dr. Prudden has published a 31 patient case series in which he records some remarkable remissions in a wide variety of intractable malignancies including, but by no means limited to, Pancreatic Cancer, Metastatic Breast Cancer, and Glioblastoma Multiforme. Some of these patients had been followed for more than five years at the time the case series was published in 1985, and some are still alive with follow-up approaching 20 years.

Dr. Prudden’s treatment varied among the patients and appeared to evolve to a standard 9 gram per day dose over the years his study went on. Despite this, it is reasonably clear that long term oral treatment with moderate doses of BTC can be effective, and long term disappearance of tumors such as documented in many of these cases is the “natural” endpoint.

Dr. Prudden believes the main mechanism of action is immune modulation by polysaccharide components of BTC, although there may also be a direct cytostatic effect as well.

There is well documented evidence that oral polysaccharides can have immune modulatory and anti-tumor effect in humans. A drug called PSK which is a fungally derived protein bound polysaccharide has over 230 references in Medline, including large randomized trials showing benefit (Often in conjunction with chemotherapy) when taken orally. One of these studies was even published in the Lancet in 1994. PSK is also available as a nutritional supplement.

According to Paul’s personal experiences, VitaCarte 9 grams per day for about 3 months did show significant reduction of tumor sizes. However, it is not certain what is the major factor causing the cancer shrinkage.

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