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Highly Recommended Juicers for Serious Illness

Norwalk Juicer, Green Power/Star/Life Juicers, Champion Juicer + Hydraulic  Press, K&K Juicer Norwalk Juicer The Norwalk Juicer cuts and grates the produce using a vortex electronic triturator (on the left side) with the resulting mass extracted into a linen bag which … Continue reading

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Japan/China Singers

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Silicon Valley Software Engineer Overcome Advanced Colorectal Cancer

Once Paul stopped his treatment at UCSF, he completely changed his
diet over night to follow macrobiotics. After 3 months, he went back
to see Dr Venook and had a CT scan. Things seemed to be stable but he
was much weaker because he didn’t get enough vital forces from the
diet. Sometime he felt fainted. He realized that he had to add new
elements to his natural healing protocol. When he was trying very hard
to figure out what to do next, he stumbled upon a flier on promoting
“Green Life Juicer”, together with Rev. Malkmus’s message on juicing,
“Barley Green” and “Herbal Fiberblend”. He also got several Dr. Day’s
video tapes including “You Can’t Improve On God” and “Believing is
Seeing” which he watched over and over again. He instantly ordered a
“Green Life Juicer”, some “Barley Green” and “Herbal Fiberblend”. At
that time, it was hot summer in California. In addition to carrot
juice, Paul tried to juice wheat grass, dandelion green, romaine
lettuce, endive. He also tried some fruits and other root plants. Most
of time, he would make carrot, dandelion green and romaine lettuce
juices. Later, Paul upgraded his Green Life Juicer to K.K. Juicer.
Paul started to feel stronger, and even got back some weight. After
about 2 months on these enriched protocol, Paul went back to Dr.
Venook and had CT scan, the liver lesions were about the same as
before, even though he felt better. Continue reading

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Dr. Loraine Day Conquered Advanced Breast Cancer

Dr. Lorraine Day reversed her severe, advanced cancer by rebuilding her immune system by natural therapies, so her body could heal itself. Continue reading

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Dr. Faulkner’s Recovery

Hugh Faulkner was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer not long after happily retired as a general practitioner in London, and returned to the countryside outside of Florence, Italy with his wife. He experienced bowel obstruction and food absorption difficulties. So he underwent a surgery to relieve the obstruction but the surgeons made no attempt to remove the cancer. Continue reading

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